• Securing Tomorrow's Energy


  • Securing Tomorrow's Energy


Other Services

Noik Energy Ltd also provide services in the following areas: Oil Exploration, Tank farming, Power lines, Trucks for distribution, Aviation fuel and leasing of masts and towers.

Tank Farming

high-strength-water-storage-tankAt Noik Energy Ltd, we satisfy our customers through efficient and effective products and service delivery. In order to achieve this, we run our storage facilities in acquiescence to our improved total quality control system. Please contact our team on info@noikenergy.com if you are interested in this service

Power Lines

energy-gridWe provide the bulk transfer of electrical energy from generating power plants to electrical substations located near demand centres. Please contact our team on info@noikenergy.com if you are interested in this service.

Trucks / Tankers for Distribution

Silver transport truck tanker on the road

At Noik Energy, we can deliver your fuel products to your desired location. To arrange delivery of your bulk order, please contact us on info@noikenergy.com

Oil Exploration


At Noik Energy Ltd, we develop sustainable exploration solutions to meet the increasing demand of energy.

Masts and Towers

610x348-radio-mast-mobile-tower-antenna-signalAt Noik Energy Ltd, we lease out radio masts and towers to support aerials (or antennas) used for telecommunication and broadcasting. You can contact our team on info@noikenergy.com for more information.

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