• Securing Tomorrow's Energy


  • Securing Tomorrow's Energy


Our Directors

Mr Abidemi Oluwagbemiga Sonoiki

Abidemi Oluwagbemiga Sonoiki is a financial expert with over 18 years’ experience in core banking. His foremost competence is in funding and funds management. His other strengths are also not limited to domestic and foreign operations, private banking and wealth management, commercial banking, Public sector businesses and treasury.

He is a graduate of Accounting having two Masters’ degrees in Business Administration (MBA) from Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria and Bangor Business School, Bangor University, England. He is a member of the following prestigious associations:

~ Fellow Member; Institute of Credit & Collection Management (FICCM),

~ Fellow Member; Institute of Credit Administration (FICA),

~ Associate Member; Nigeria Institute of Management (ANIM)

~ Associate Member; Nigeria Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (ACIB)

~ Associate Member; The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland (ACIB) United Kingdom.

He is also an alumnus of:

~ The Prestigious Goldman Sachs, London,

~ The Queen Business School of Canada,

~ The Lagos Business School, Nigeria.

~ The Bangor Business School, England

Mr. Sonoiki has attended locally and internationally organised trainings in the course of His career. He is a team player with tested and monumental track records of making things happen naturally. He is dynamic, proactive and importantly result oriented. He always goes beyond the ordinary to achieve the perceived impossible. He has a strong eye for calculated risks. He delights pronounced joy in wealth creation.

He is currently the Group Chief Executive Officer of Noik Energy Ltd (Nigeria) which is a holding body for the following companies Gas Petrobas Trading Ltd, Qx Trade Ltd, Dress Sense Clothings Ventures, Noik Oil Ltd and Noiki Energy Ltd.

His hobbies are meeting people, travelling, listening to good music and importantly playing Chess.

Mr Olufemi Obasan

Mr Olufemi Obasan is a graduate of Computer science from Ogun state University, Nigeria. He obtained his Post Graduate Degree in Financial Management and MBA from Lagos State University in 2001 and 2004 respectively. He is also an Alumni of Lagos Business school with Executive Masters in Business Administration. He is vast in operations, finance, trading, business strategy and pioneering new businesses across the globe.

Olufemi has attended various trainings locally & internationally over the past eighteen years of his professional career. His work experience includes twelve years in the financial service industry with expertise in Treasury Management (Trading and Asset & Liability Management). In the past six years he has been overseeing businesses both locally and internationally in Financial Services and in the Oil & Gas industry.

He is a very determined business person who has flare for numbers and also goal -oriented and his passions are helping the less privileged around the world and helping build better relationships in families.

Hobbies are traveling to new places, global politics, playing Tennis, snooker and reading relationship and business books.

Femi is married to his beautiful wife and they are both blessed with 3 boys.

Mr Omoyele Adewole

Mr. Omoyele Adewole holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Lagos State University Lagos Nigeria and MBA from the University of Lagos. He is an alumnus of Lagos Business School. A member of the Chartered Pension Institute of Nigeria and the Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria.

Omoyele has over 16 years’ exposure and experience in the financial service industry. He has worked in the treasury department of three Nigerian big banks, where he started as the Chief Dealer and rose to the level of an Assistant Treasurer. He is well trained and experienced in Fixed Income trading (Treasury Bills and Bonds) and Foreign Exchange Trading and Management.

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